Sunday, January 15, 2017

Schwalbe Durano 28/406

I'm giving the Schwalbe Durano's a try on the front. The 406 (20") Schwalbe One's only come in  the 23/406 size. And the Kojaks come in 35/406. I want a little larger tire, but not as large as the Kojak 35/406s. I'm trying the Schwalbe Durano 28/406s on front while keeping the Schwalbe One 28/622 on the rear. I'm looking for a more durable and better priced tire for the rougher Central Coast roads. I'm hoping the speed loss is minimal.

The bottle cage on the boom holds my JBL Charge speaker.

My first ride with the Durano 28/406s up front seem to be nearly as comfortable as the 35/406 Kojaks. The 23/406 Schwalbe Ones I was using were like rocks. Just about anything is more comfortable then the Ones.

I'll need a few more rides to to be able judge the speed of the Duranos vs the Ones on the Central Coast roads. My initial impression is good. Given the varied conditions of the roads on the Central Coast the speed of the Duranos seem to compare well with the skinner Ones. Time will tell.

Friday, January 13, 2017

First Ride of the New Year

a break in the rain and I'm able to take the first ride of the new year. And a beautiful sunny day it was on the Central Coast. Cool by California standards, low fifties. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016

Tires, Speed and Roads

Keeping a log for the last 6 years has given me good feedback as to how my tire selection is working for me. Especially in 2016 riding along the Central Coast has given me information that makes it easy to compare rides. No traffic signals to factor in and consistent weather. 

I like my rides to be as fast , light and as comfortable as possible on my old bones. Some roads are to rough for skinny tires and beg me to use a little larger and lower pressure tire. The following is a quick look at how different tires are working for me.

Option 1, When roads are generally in good condition.
Rear tire - Schwalbe One 28/622,  95psi
Front tires- Schwalbe One 23/406, 95psi

Option 2. When roads are good to fair.
Rear Tire - Schwalbe Kojak 35/622, 65psi
Front tires - Schwalbe One 23/406, 95psi

Option 3, When roads are rough, like riding chip seal for extended periods.
Rear Tire - Schwalbe Kojak 35/622, 65psi
Front Tires - Schwalbe Kojak 35/406, 65psi


I'm going to keep this simple.

First let me say that changing rear tires is easy, I have two complete wheelsets. The front tires take a little more time as I have to actually make a tire change on the rim.

My maximum speed so far this year is 46mph. To my surprise all three tire options give me maximum speeds that are so close I can't say any one option is faster then the other when going down a hill.

My average speed is the number that changes with tire selection. Option 3 is about 7% slower then Option 1. With Option 2 my average speed is slightly slower then Option 1. It's almost to the point where sometimes it seems like there is no difference in average speed between Option 1 and Option 2. There may be other factors playing into this but I'm going to leave well enough alone and not over think it.

In the end I usually ride with Option 2. I get a little softer ride and minimal speed loss.

Rear tire - Schwalbe One 28/622,  95psi
Front tires- Schwalbe One 23/406, 95psi

Option 3
Rear Tire - Schwalbe Kojak 35/622, 65psi
Front Tires - Schwalbe Kojaks 35/406, 65psi

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Zefal Mirror

I wasn't sure if this little Zefal mirror would provide good visibility. On the road it has proven to be my favorite mirror. It has just enough curve in the mirror to give me clear coverage of the traffic lanes. The larger round mirrors I've used before provide equal or less coverage of the actual traffic lane and more coverage of the sky and the shoulder pavement directly behind my trike. I want to see cars not the sky behind me.

After a few miles I got use to judging distances in this little curved mirror. It looks good and it doesn't stick out like a wart on your nose.

Not a great picture but you can get an idea of the coverage. 
The mirror is not blurred as seen in the picture.

Friday, November 11, 2016

It's All In The Seat

I took the 700 on ride down the coast today to make sure it was the hard shell seat on my new ICE that was a pain in my hip and not something more ominous. Good news, bad news. Good news, my hip is no worse or better then it was before. The mesh seat on my 700 is oh so comfortable. I've never really appreciated the comfort of my 700. The bad news, the cool carbon fiber seat on my new ICE Sprint 26 FS has to go. I tried to customize the seat with the diamond pads that come with the seat but they didn't solve the problem. After about 5 miles the muscles in my right hip protest.

Now I'll have to check out the ICE mesh seat. I wasn't comfortable with it when I initially tested it some time ago. If that still holds true then I'll have to consider selling my brand new ICE.  I'm also thinking that the 25 degree seat angle of the 700 takes some of the pressure off my hip muscles. The max seat angle on the ICE Sprint 26 is 37 degrees.

Here's a couple pics of my ride today on the 700

Looking out over Morro Bay.

Morro Bay and Morro Rock